How Can You Diagnose Issues With An Automatic Transmission System?

A modern vehicle's transmission system is a very complex piece of equipment. This is especially the case if it's fitted with an automatic gearbox, which relies on hydraulic pressure in order to change those gears. So when something starts to go wrong, and you notice an issue when you're on the road, you may fear the worst. But it may be easy to fix that fault, after all, depending on the nature of the issue. What are some of the most frequent faults in this situation, and how can you rectify them?

Vehicle Stalls at Stop

One of the more prevalent issues involves a vehicle that will stall when it comes to rest. It's as if the driver did not put their foot on the clutch pedal (in a manual car) when stopping at a traffic light. Here, the system is not isolating the engine from the transmission in this situation, which is causing the stall.

This problem could be due to worn bushes in the oil pump that is responsible for maintaining hydraulic pressure. To fix this, a mechanic will need to remove the transmission system and repair or replace the oil pump as necessary.

Unexpected Gear Changes

Occasionally, the box will change from one gear to another for no apparent reason. For example, it may change down to a lower gear when you are simply cruising along happily on a motorway. This may be due to an issue with the automatic clutch found near the front of the transmission. Some small cracks can result in leaking fluid and lower pressure, which can cause the system to "think" that road conditions have changed and a different gear is needed. To fix this issue, you would need to schedule an overhaul so that a mechanic gets to the bottom of the problem while effecting repairs.

Fluid Related Issues

Other faults may materialise when the system is in need of a service. If it's been some time since you replaced the transmission fluid, it may no longer be able to perform as it should. As it deteriorates, it may allow the system to overheat, leading to unexpected and unusual faults. Normal service may be resumed if you replace the fluid and conduct a general overhaul.

Get Expert Help

If you notice any symptoms of automatic gearbox problems, turn the work over to an auto transmission repair service. They should be able to diagnose quickly and carry out the repairs needed to get everything back to normal.

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