What to Do When Someone Dents Your Car

Few experiences are more frustrating than returning to your car to find a dent. If the culprit leaves their insurance details, resolving the issue may be easy. However, not everyone does, and you need to know what to do in both instances. It's in your best interests to seek out a car repair service as soon as possible. Here are some ways you can resolve the dent.

DIY Approaches

If the dent is very small, you may be able to use a small car plunger to reduce the dent. If you have one handy, make your car's surface more malleable by pouring hot water over it. Then, apply the plunger so that it forms an air-tight seal. From there, you should slowly pull towards yourself in an attempt to reduce the dent. If this doesn't work, you may need to use a professional vehicle repair service. Sometimes dents are deeper than they appear on the surface, which means a DIY approach isn't possible. 

Tackling Scratches

Sometimes a minor collision may result in a scratch that damages your paintwork. As with dents, you can sometimes tackle scratches alone. First, make sure you're actually dealing with a scratch rather than some minor discolouration. Rinse the area to ensure it is free of gravel that may cause further damage. Then, use a damp soft cloth to clean it. If there is still a scratch present, you can try using a scratch and paint restore kit. If you choose to do so, make sure you find a kit that's a close match for your car's colour.

Professional Dent Repairs

If a dent is medium to large in size, DIY tactics aren't likely to bring you much joy. Larger dents may also signal that there is damage beneath the surface. As such, you should take your car to a professional to ensure all the supporting structures are intact. In some cases, your car repair team will simply need to plunge the dent using an industrial tool. However, you may also find that they recommend body repair work. Taking their advice should protect your car against more extensive damage later.

Vehicle Spray Painting

Larger scratches, particularly those that go right down to the metalwork. may benefit from vehicle spray painting. Vehicle spray painting can result in a more even approach than a DIY job. This is because the team carrying out the work can colour match with expert precision. They'll preserve your car's image, allowing you to enjoy its aesthetic benefits for longer.

For more information on car repairs, contact a professional near you.

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