4 Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Car's Automatic Transmission's Service Life

Transmission repairs can put a massive dent in your finances depending on the vehicle type and age. Sometimes, transmission repairs are inevitable, and you might be forced to call in an auto repair specialist to fix your car when it breaks down. However, there are various steps you can undertake to lengthen the lifespan of your automatic transmission system and alleviate potential breakdowns. Consider these four maintenance tips to keep your automatic transmission system in check and extend its service life. 

Consider Periodic Assessment of Your Transmission Fluid  

One excellent way to determine whether to enlist a transmission service professional is to assess the transmission fluid periodically. It is a great way to check your vehicle's transmission's overall health. Begin by parking your car and ensuring it's in idle mode. Then, remove the dipstick and ensure it is wiped clean. Reinsert the dipstick and perform a new reading for better accuracy. 

Generally, lower fluid levels are a tell-tale sign of potential leakage, indicating an imminent transmission problem. Additionally, check the colour of your transmission fluid, and if it appears cloudy and darker than usual, there might be a problem. Furthermore, a strange burnt smell can indicate a transmission problem. If you notice any of these signs, take your car to a reputable auto repair specialist for immediate diagnosis and repair. 

Consider Regular Servicing of Your Cooling System

The cooling system plays a pivotal role in preventing the engine compartment from overheating. Additionally, it is responsible for cooling the transmission fluid running throughout the gearbox. It's no surprise that you might require transmission repairs before the engine begins to overheat excessively. Therefore, it's imperative to ensure that your cooling system functions optimally to prevent transmission-related problems. 

Keep Off from Jack-Rabbit Starts on a Cold Transmission

Jack-rabbit starts on cold engines or transmissions significantly contribute to automatic transmission failures. It would help if you started your engine and let it warm up for a while to ensure essential fluids are warmed up adequately. That's helpful and the best practice to ensure your transmission system runs optimally. However, running on a cold engine forces the ECU to deter automatic gearboxes from correctly shifting. It ensures the revs are more elevated and extended before committing gears to warm up the automatic transmission fluid faster. 

Consider Regular Transmission Fluid Flushing 

Finally, you can extend the service life of your automatic transmission system by regularly flushing the transmission fluid. However, the health of your car's transmission fluid will depend on the usage frequency and operating temperature of your car. Find a reputable auto transmission shop near you and let a professional handle this task. 

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