4 Signs That Your Automatic Transmission Needs Car Mechanic Services

A vehicle transmission system transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Because of that, transmission problems will often make the car stop moving, which is why you should address them immediately. Here are some of the signs indicating a need for auto transmission repair: 

1. When the Vehicle Is Unable to Switch Gears 

If your vehicle persistently fails to change gears, it might be time to schedule auto transmission repair with your mechanic. Typically, this failure results from a low level of transmission fluid. This fluid helps to transmit power from your engine to the transmission. In addition, the process facilitates the changing of gears and the cooling of the hydraulic system.

But before you get to the mechanic, check the level of the transmission fluid. If it's low, make sure to top it up with the ideal fluid type. However, you should contact your mechanic if you do not know which one to use. If refilling the fluid does not work, it is prudent to visit your auto repair shop for further diagnosis and repair of the issue. 

2. When Your Vehicle Produces a Burning Smell 

If your vehicle keeps producing a burning rubber smell, there is a possible transmission problem requiring urgent professional attention. This smell could mean that the car's transmission is overheating, the transmission fluid is dirty, or the fluid leaks onto the engine parts. If you do not have the technical skills to fix these issues, have the vehicle checked and repaired by an expert mechanic. 

3. When the Vehicle Makes Grinding Noises 

Another sign of transmission trouble is when your vehicle produces squealing, grinding, wheezing, or whining sounds while shifting gears. In most cases, these sounds result from a lack of adequate transmission fluid. Therefore, if your gearbox habitually makes noise when the car is in neutral, schedule an auto transmission repair with your mechanic. 

4. When the Vehicle's Engine Lights Come On 

Engine lights flicker when there is a malfunction in the vehicle's systems. The car's engine computer automatically sends a signal to these lights when something is wrong. That includes transmission problems. Since many issues can cause these lights to go on, it is advisable to visit a mechanic for a thorough examination. 

Your vehicle's transmission plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of the vehicle. Therefore, you should not ignore any slight issue. If the car exhibits any of the signs above, contact your car mechanic for auto transmission repair.

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