What Are the Benefits of Getting Comprehensive Log Book Servicing Done?

Just bought your first new car? If the car salesman at your chosen auto dealership has just handed over the keys for your new ride to you, they've probably also told you you'll need to undertake comprehensive log book servicing to comply with warranty conditions.

A log book service is a comprehensive car service that is intended to ensure your vehicle is maintained according to the vehicle manufacturer's exacting specifications. In addition to keeping your new car warranty valid, here are some important reasons to undertake a comprehensive log book service.

Keeps your new car working properly

Just like other machines, cars need to be serviced regularly and properly to keep running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. From engine oil and oil filter changes to replacement of worn-out brake pads, and performing wheel alignment, a log book service includes all the different maintenance tasks that will need to be carried out to keep your new car in good working condition. 

Skipping log book servicing may reduce your car's fuel economy, accelerate the wear and tear of parts, compromise the safety of the vehicle, and lead to a host of other problems.

Minimises your car repair bills

Because log book service helps keep everything in top working shape by identifying and resolving minor problems early enough, problems leading to costly vehicle repairs are less likely to occur. This helps you save money on car repair bills.

Increases your car's resale value

Even though all cars depreciate over time, cars that are maintained correctly tend to keep their value quite well. Undertaking log book servicing on schedule will keep your car in the best condition possible so you can get more money from the sale of your ride.

Prolongs the life of your car

A new car can be a costly investment, depending on the vehicle model you purchase. The best way to get the most out of the vehicle is to keep it functioning properly for as long as possible. Log book servicing helps to ensure problem-free car operation, thus increasing the life of your new ride.

When the time comes to sell your car, potential car buyers will most likely ask for proof that your car is well-maintained. Make sure you keep all service records and receipts no matter where you get your log book service done. Keeping a full stack of documents will help you to negotiate the best price for your used car.

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