Critical Services Smash Repair Shops Must Offer

For smash repair auto shops, restoring damaged vehicles to their original condition is vital, especially if the client relies on their car for their daily errands. Therefore, smash repair shops must offer top-notch services to meet client demands. Unfortunately, that is not as easy as it sounds due to unique customer demands. For this reason, you need to provide exceptional smash repair services to keep your doors revolving for business. Here are a few ideas you can implement. 

Body Modification

When someone has owned the same vehicle for several years, they get accustomed to how the car looks and likely find nothing about the body striking. When such a client approaches you with a smashed car, you need to go further than just restoring the vehicle to its original look and form. For instance, if the rear of the car is wholly smashed, you can suggest that you modify it for a more rounded aerodynamic shape. If your clients learn that they have an opportunity to change the appearance of their vehicle, they will jump at the chance. Ultimately, such smash repair service shops offer car owners the opportunity to feel like they own a brand-new car.   

Offer Protective Accessories

As the adage goes, once bitten, twice shy. It is a principle that works best in the automotive industry where accidents can happen at any time, regardless of how careful drivers are. For this reason, car owners are opting to be more proactive than reactive to avoid future extensive car damages. Therefore, you can offer to install different types of bull bars on your clients' vehicles while repairing the smashed area. For example, if the front part of the car is smashed and damaged, you can ask your client to install a bull bar to the front of the vehicle after repairs.    

Handle Insurance Issues

Apart from the expenses involved in repairing smashed vehicles, the stress of dealing with insurance companies is the only other reason people avoid accidents. From the paperwork to the numerous trips to the insurer's office, the work involved can be stressful and frustrating. This is mainly the case if the car owner has never dealt with an insurance company before. Your smash repair shop can help such clients by hiring an experienced claims handler and estimator who works with an insurance adjuster and the insurance company. It allows you to begin work to the vehicle immediately once approval for repairs is received.

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