Is Your Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot? Here Are Three Likely Reasons Why

One of the most vexing things is noticing that your car's AC isn't blowing cold when you turn it ON on a hot day. Learning how to troubleshoot common causes of AC malfunction is essential for knowing the kind of AC repair work that will be needed to get your cooling system running properly again. Here are some likely reasons why your auto AC may be blowing hot air:

Your Refrigerant Level Is Low 

Like your home's air conditioning system, the AC in your car relies on refrigerant to absorb heat from the air inside your car and dissipate the heat outside, thus providing the cooling effect that you love so much. If your auto AC isn't providing you with cooling service, it is likely that you don't have enough refrigerant in your air conditioning system. It is perfectly normal for refrigerant loss to occur over time, but the presence of leaks within the AC system can trigger loss of the fluid at a faster rate.

As part of the repair process, you will have to get your AC system tested for refrigerant leakage. If leaks are found, they will have to be sealed before the system can be re-gassed. But if there are no leaks, adding new refrigerant should fix the problem.

Your Compressor Is Faulty

The air conditioning compressor plays a central role in the proper functioning of your AC system. It is what puts the refrigerant under constant pressure so it will absorb heat and provide a cooling effect. Over time, the constant high pressure and heat take a toll on the compressor, leading to excess friction, faster wear and eventual failure. When the compressor stops working, your auto AC system will also stop running efficiently, if at all. This may result in the supply of less cool air. 

If you suspect that your compressor is bad, you should seek out a car AC service expert. You shouldn't take guesses when it comes to the most important component of your auto AC system.

You Have a Blocked Condenser

Normally mounted at the front of your car, your auto AC's condenser helps to cool the hot compressed air that passes through it from the compressor component. If your compressor gets clogged by road debris owing to its open location, it won't be effective at its job of cooling the hot air. This may result in your AC system blowing hot air. A visual inspection of your condenser unit can help you tell if it is obstructed.   

If you notice these or any other signs of problems with your car AC system, don't hesitate to seek out a car air conditioning service company.

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One of the most vexing things is noticing that your car's AC isn't blowing cold when you turn it ON on a hot day. Learning how to troubleshoot common

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