Should You Seek an Upgrade to Your Car's Braking System?

Is it time for you to take your car in for some brake repairs again? If this seems to be a regular occurrence, are you being too hard on this crucial component, and is time for you to consider an upgrade to some tougher material? Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to understand how your brakes work and specifically why those brake pads are wearing down as often as they are.

The Importance of Those Pads

The braking system on a conventional car relies on a number of different components but is meant to decelerate the vehicle when the pads come into contact with the discs (or rotors) and apply pressure to slow each wheel down. This pressure is applied by hydraulic fluid that pumps from the end of your brake pedal, but the pads themselves are only designed to last for a limited amount of time to give them their maximum efficiency. Brake pads have to be made from a wearable material; otherwise they would not be able to produce the amount of friction required, and 'metal on metal' action would not produce the desired result.


Today, brake pads are made from different compounds and materials, and the system fitted to your car will be based on its overall design and performance sector. In lower-model cars, it's not unusual to come across organic brake pads that are made from compounds such as rubber, resin or Kevlar. They are quite efficient in normal conditions, but if the car is subject to 'spirited' driving, they will wear out quite quickly.


A large number of cars have semi-metallic brake pads that are heavier than the organic versions and contain steel, copper, iron or graphite. They don't wear down as quickly and can provide better stopping action than an organic pad but can cause damage to the brake discs when they get towards the end of their usable life.

Carbon and Ceramic

High-performance cars are usually fitted with carbon-based discs and ceramic pads, and this may be an option for you if you want to consider a system upgrade. The ceramic pads are able to withstand very high temperatures and maintain greater efficiency, so they will do a good job of stopping your car in high-pressure situations.

Exploring Your Option

When you visit your mechanic, talk with them about your frequent visits and ask whether your vehicle is suitable for a ceramic and carbon upgrade.

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