Navigational Difficulty? 3 Revealing Warnings Of A Deteriorating Power Steering Pump

Your power steering pump is vital to the efficient functioning of the entire system, failing which you may run the risk of losing control of your car. The power steering pump transfers liquid to the steering gear. The correct pressure is then applied to turn your car's wheels smoothly through the system. To prevent your power steering from going bad, you must pay attention to any warnings. This guide reveals certain warnings that indicate your power steering pump is deteriorating.

Your Car Screams Out To You When You Turn The Wheel

Ever dreaded the idea of turning your steering wheel because of screaming sounds from the system? This is a strong indicator of a leak in the power steering pump. It could also potentially mean that the level of power steering fluid is too low because of a leak or your failure to refill on time. A licensed mechanic will need to check the power steering pump to establish whether it needs to be replaced or if fluid needs to be refilled in the system.

Your Wheel Feels Sluggish Or Too Stiff While Turning

Apart from screaming out at you, your steering wheel can even feel sluggish while you attempt to turn the car. This is another sign that the power steering pump has sprung a leak somewhere in the system. If the leak is small, the mechanic will probably just seal it. But if the hole is too large, then the entire pump may need replacement. Alternatively, if the wheel feels too stiff when you try to turn it, then it could be because the power steering pump has completely broken down or because of a loose belt connected to the pump. Steering wheels can also become stiff because of a broken torsion bar, which is used to equalise the torque applied to your car's power steering system. Getting it checked quickly will prevent the entire system from failing.

Your Car Squeaks When You Start It

If your car makes a squeaky sound when you first start it, then it could be because the drive shaft or pressure control valve in the pump is damaged. Alternatively, it could also mean that the pump isn't properly lubricated to do its job because of low levels of fluid in the system. If you notice your car making squeaking sounds when you turn the key in the ignition, get a mechanic to check it immediately because you may have a problem with the power steering pump.

If you notice any of these problems arising with your car, you should be aware that your power steering pump may have gone bad. A qualified mechanic should tackle this problem to ensure minimal damage to the entire power steering system.

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