Hydraulic Machinery: Tips on Extending the Life of Your Hoses

Hydraulic systems are commonly installed in most of the common modern machinery used in fields like warehousing, agriculture, building and manufacturing. For example, this power system is used in forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, cranes and backhoe loaders. If you have recently acquired this type of equipment, it is important to perform maintenance tasks on all components. One of the critical modules to consider during care practices is the hose assembly. These tubes are responsible for transferring fluid and, consequently, power during operations. Therefore, these components should be in good condition to ensure the efficient flow of the hydraulic liquid. Here are some tips on extending the service life of your hydraulic hoses.

Protect the Hoses

The external conditions in industrial and construction environments are often harsh and damaging. If the hoses in the hydraulic equipment are exposed to these unfavourable elements, they will be vulnerable to accelerated damage. For example, the hoses can be crushed and severed by steel, concrete and moving equipment in the site. If the hose is always exposed to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures, the rubber protective sheath will become brittle and eventually crack. Therefore, you should shield the hose assembly from these adversities. Ideally, you should ensure that the hoses are not in direct contact with sharp items or exposed to sunlight. However, if this is not possible, purchase spiral wraps or cover the tubing in protective metal or textile sleeves to prevent abrasion and tearing.

Replace Clamps and Brackets

There are clamps and brackets installed in hydraulic machinery to hold the hoses in place. Basically, these devices are designed to prevent the tubes from moving and rubbing against other components when the equipment is in motion. Simply speaking, if the rubbing action occurs, friction will be generated and the hoses will experience accelerated wear and tear. Therefore, you should check the condition of the clamps and brackets regularly. If these are loose, broken and distorted, replace them to restore their reliability.

Prevent Fluid Contamination

If the hydraulic fluid in the machine is contaminated, it will create abrasion as it flows in the hoses. This internal damage will compromise the efficiency of the component and continued usage will eventually lead to leakage. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the fluid in your machinery is free of granular pollutants. Ensure that the right filter units are installed. Additionally, these should be replaced or cleaned regularly to prevent a decline in filtration efficiency.

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