Warning Signs That Your Vehicle's Manual Transmission Needs Repairs

Although the shift to automatic vehicles has been steadily on the incline, there are still a number of people who drive a manual transmission vehicle, commonly referred to as a stick shift. This is largely because some drivers find that manual transmission vehicles offer better handling when driving as well as increased fuel efficiency. However, despite the various advantages that a manual vehicle will provide, it does not make it immune to wear and tear. The more mileage you have covered with your vehicle, the higher the chances of transmission problems. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for that would indicate your vehicle's manual transmission might need repairs.

Your vehicle's clutch keeps slipping

Your vehicle's clutch transfers power to the car's transmission from the engine. This is what enables you to easily move from one gear to the next. In the event that your engine is revving but the car is not responding, chances are your clutch is slipping out of place. Because the clutch pedal is in constant use while driving, it becomes susceptible to wear and tear.

In the event that you are applying pressure to your clutch pedal and feel that it is releasing high, then you need to schedule an appointment with your auto mechanic to have it checked out. In most cases, a malfunctioning clutch would have to be replaced in its entirety so as to ensure your vehicle is not compromised while you are on the road.

Your vehicle is not engaging into gear

Another sign that you are experiencing transmission problems is when your vehicle either has a delay when you are switching gears, or fails to engage into gear completely. There are two main causes for this. For one, this could be caused if there are some external or internal components of your manual transmission system that have acquired damage or worn down. This in turn will impede the overall functionality of the entire transmission system.

The second reason for this is if your vehicle is being filled with the wrong transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid is too viscous, it makes it harder for the transmission components to interact smoothly, and this translates into manual transmission problems. Taking your vehicle for an auto service will give a mechanic the chance to diagnose what is causing your vehicle to not get into gear, and remedy it post haste. 

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