Cooling System Malfunction? 4 Radiator Issues That Require Repair

Getting radiator repair for your car is important when it begins to malfunction because the radiator is a vital part of your car. The radiator passes coolant through the fins to dissipate heat into the air. A radiator failure will lead to overheating in your cooling system, which can cause your car to breakdown completely over time. This guide is designed to help you identify radiator issues that require repair.

Leaking Radiator Hoses

The most common leak that can occur in your cooling system is from the radiator hoses. These hoses link the engine to the radiator and enable the coolant to seamlessly flow between these components of your car. Over a period of time, these radiator hoses can wear out, which means that you will need to get a mechanic to replace them regularly.

Leaks in the Radiator

While radiator hose leaks are common and easy to identify, radiator leaks themselves are harder to diagnose. If you notice steam or bubbles coming out of the radiator when you open up the car's bonnet, then it could be a sign of a leaking radiator. You will need to take your car to a specialised mechanic to get the leak patched up so that it doesn't damage your entire cooling system.

Failed Radiator Fan

Newer cars use electric fans to pull air through the radiator to keep the car cool at lower speeds or when the car is idle. A radiator fan can fail because of a broken fuse, damaged temperature sensor or faulty fan wires. If you notice your car starting to overheat while you're in traffic or your car isn't moving, it could be because your radiator fan has failed. Your mechanic will need to check the radiator system to establish whether the fan needs replacement.

Malfunctioning Water Pump

Your car's cooling system utilises a pump to move the coolant liquid through the engine to keep it cool and regulate its temperature. The coolant moves from the pump and into the engine through the radiator. The coolant is then pushed back into the radiator to cool it down. If this water pump breaks down, then the water will stop circulating properly through your radiator and your car will end up overheating. Your mechanic will need to inspect the water pump to determine if it needs repairs or replacement.

If you notice any of these issues with your car's cooling system, then consider contacting a specialist in radiator repair to discuss your concerns.

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