Why It May Take Longer Than You Expect to Inspect Your Car AC

Many people imagine that if the air conditioning unit in their car malfunctions, then all they need is a few minutes at an auto AC repair facility and they will be back on the road. This may be very far from the truth because inspecting a car's AC system is a rigorous task that involves checking several things. This article discusses some of the things that are checked.

Refrigerant Level

The AC of your car may fail to perform as expected because it is low on refrigerant. The AC technician has to check for leaks since those are the most common causes of low refrigerant levels. He or she will check the compressor for cracks, looseness or damaged seals in order to isolate the point of the leak. He or she may also have to add a dye into the AC system in order to identify the source of an intermittent leak. Once the cause of a leak is identified and fixed then your car AC will be recharged.

Airflow Systems

The technician will also check several components to rule out the possibility that the problems you are experiencing are due to blocked airflow systems. For instance, he or she will check the condenser located in front of the car radiator to make sure there that there is no debris like leaves blocking air from getting in. He or she will clean it (by hosing it down, for example) so that the blockage is removed.


Loss of lubrication may also lead to AC problems in cars since it can cause the compressor to overheat and malfunction. The service or repair technician will therefore check the level of lubricant in your air conditioning unit so that the right level is maintained. Lubricant may be low due to a long interval between car AC service sessions.

The Electrical System

AC technicians also check the electrical aspects of the system in order to confirm that everything is as it should be. For instance, he or she may check all the AC fuses and relays in the power distribution center so that he or she replaces any that are blown.

As you can see, a comprehensive auto AC inspection involves checking very many things and that may require more time than you may have thought was necessary. You should therefore be patient and let the technicians do their work so that your car's AC is restored to optimal performance levels. If you're having issues, get in touch with a local automotive air conditioning and radiator repairs professional. 

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